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Party Shark Podcast Funk Mix: Featuring DBO

June 2nd, 2014 | podcast | 0 Comments

Dbo also decided to make a nice little funky mix far ya too.




Party Shark Podcast Hip Hop Mix: Featuring DBO

June 2nd, 2014 | podcast | 0 Comments

Dbo has conjured up a new little Hip Hop mix for ya!



Party Shark Podcast 2014-01-28 ft: Bomberclawd

January 28th, 2014 | podcast | 0 Comments

Here’s our latest installment featuring Bomberclawd!

MeeAmee Bomberclawd black back



New Party Shark Podcast ft: DBO

November 4th, 2013 | podcast | 0 Comments

DBO has another one for ya!

Party Shark Music


Special Guest Party Shark Sundays July 15: DJ Rashka!

July 12th, 2012 | Events, People | 0 Comments

We got another episode of Party Shark Sundays rolling through July 15. DBO and artistIQ will be on deck (no pun intended), and we have a very special guest DJ Rashka! @rashkadj

Born and raised in Denver’s Capital Hill area, DJ Rashka has been in the music scene for a minute and a half. DJ’ing has been a big part of his musical career digging up what he could and still what he still can residing near those places we call record shops; yes, there are a few left near Capital Hill.

Highly influenced by his father, who is a local musician, DJ Rashka was introduced to a wide variety of music and styles early on. Near age 15, Rashka took to the turn tables and was hooked instantly. He has been busy cultivating his love for spinning ever since, exploring a wide range of genres and mixing technics and taking DJ’ing to the next level to entertain the listeners and experience a way to enjoy life.

His current side projects are:

  • back-up for S.T.O.I.C. (local Denver Hip Hip group)
  • 3Two

We are proud to have him as our special guest DJ this Sunday July 15!

You can catch more about DJ Rashka at:

DAMN! This kid’s amount of links is off the chain! HA!

He is also performing this weekend:

Saturday, July 14th
at Absolem II: Alice in Zombieland, on the EDM stage!

Party Shark Sundays Podcast Episode 2012-06-17 w/ @DJSoundsSupreme

June 18th, 2012 | podcast | 0 Comments

Here is our latest installment to our Party Shark Sundays podcast, episode 2012-06-17.

We got DJ Sounds Supreme on this one, and mad bangers from DBO and artistIQ!

DBO – 00:00-00:34
DJ SOunds Supreme – 00:34-1:36
artistIQ – 1:36-end

Subscribe, Tune in and Turn up, son!


Special guest: DJ Sounds Supreme Sunday June 17

June 13th, 2012 | Broadcast, Events, People | 0 Comments

Our long term friend and one of the best DJ’s we know will be gracing our studio this Sunday, June 17. Denver’s own DJ Sounds Supreme! ( @djsoundssupreme )

DJ Sounds Supreme has a long history in Denver and the DJ world. He is part of the Radio Bums crew, paid his dues; collaborating on mix tapes with the likes of Guru of Gangstarr, Kid Sister, Cool Kids and UNI, a co-founding role with The Solution (featuring: Low key and Lazy Eyes), DJ’s on Denver’s HOT 107.1 FM radio Mon-Fri, has had countless appearances throughout Denver’s hip hop scene, including opening up for Diplo, Steve Aoki, DJ Qbert, The Xecutioners, Pete Rock, LMFAO and Kid Cudi, to name a few and  residencies Friday nights at Chloé on & Satrurdays at Suite 200

Like we said, he is one of the best DJ’s we’ve ever known, he can mix about anything smoothly and flawlessly, along with providing tight cuts that even the best turn tablist would appreciate. He has definitely been a huge inspiration to both DBO and myself (artistIQ). He is also one of the most humble and chill people we know, which makes him not only an amazing DJ, but a great friend as well.

He can even MC a bit too, we have a track with him freestyling from back in the day, like 2005 – we might have to break this out.

In addition to contributing to the DJ and music scene throughout Denver, he also contributes to the community with Scratch Academy, teaching and educating children about the art of DJ’ing and turn tablism.

You can catch his mixes, and mix tapes via his online resources:

visit his stuff:!/djsoundssupreme 

We’re definitely excited for this one!

Catch the LIVE BROADCAST Sunday June 17, 2012 9p MST: 

The podcast will be available the following week.

Party Shark Sundays Podcast Episode 2012-06-03

June 4th, 2012 | podcast | 0 Comments

Here’s the latest episode of Party Shark Sundays!


DBO – 00:00-00:39
artistIQ –  00:39-01:09
DBO – 01:09-01:42
artistIQ – 01:42-end

Happy ear drums!


Party Shark Sundays Podcast Episode 2012-05-20 w/ @DJMADA

May 23rd, 2012 | podcast | 0 Comments

Here is our latest podcast from 2012-05-20.

This mix features:

DBO – 00-00:38
MADA – 00:38-01:39
artistIQ – 01:39-end

We want to give a special thanks to DJ MADA for making it to our studio and spinning this out w/ us!

visit DJ MADA’s website for more info on him: 

We apologize for any inconvenience to our fans due to the technical difficulties we had with the live broadcast. But with the help of this crazy whacky podcast technology, you won’t miss a beat! (pun not intended)


Special Guest DJ MADA May 20, 2012!

May 15th, 2012 | Broadcast, People | 0 Comments

One of our good friends and renown local Denver DJ, MADA will be joing our broadcast this upcoming Sunday, May 20, 2012!

We’re excited to have MADA on board for this broadcast, it will be the first time we have had him as a guest on our show.

If you’re not familiar with DJ MADA, he has more than paid his dues around Denver and more. He host Friday nights at Jet Hotel in denver, CO along with SubUrban at Robusto Room with our very own DBO.

In addition to all of that, MADA has also performed at the Vans Triple Crown and competed in the Red Bull ThreeStyle competition. And, if that’s not enough, he has also shared the stage with Steve Aoki, DJ ZTrip, RZA, Das FX, and Talib Kweli! The list goes on, thus we are very excited to have him on our next show!

Listen to him on SoundCloud:

Follow him on Twitter:

Find out more info on his website:

Party Shark Sundays Podcast Episode 2012-04-01

April 2nd, 2012 | podcast | 0 Comments

Here is our podcast episode for 2012-04-01


  • DBO: 0:00-1:01 min
  • artistIQ: 1:01-end

Enjoy, Subscribe, Tune In and Turn Up!


Party Shark Sundays Podcast Episode 2012-02-05 Part 02 of 02

February 8th, 2012 | podcast | 0 Comments

Here is part 02 of  02 of our set from Sunday, February 5, 2012
This segment features: artistIQ



Qbert and DJ Vajra team set at Cassleman’s in Denver

January 31st, 2012 | Events, People | 0 Comments

Master turn tablist Qbert invited recently crown DMC World Champion DJ Vajra to perform a special team set at Cassleman’s this past Saturday in Denver.

2012-01-15 – Party Shark Sundays

January 25th, 2012 | podcast | 0 Comments

We will now be offering our broadcasts available via Podcast!*
(*Our Podcast feed will be available in iTunes soon)


In the meantime, please enjoy our recent episode here on our site, or you can manually subscribe to it via iTunes with the following instructions:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. In the file menu, go to Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast
  3. Enter this feed for the URL: feed://

If you’re using another podcast client, you can subscribe to our Podcast RSS feed:

Here is our first broadcast for the new year 2012.

Episode 2012-01-15
Featuring: DBO & artistIQ