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Party Shark started as a live UStream Broadcast DJ event with DBO and upcoming local Dub Step DJ, Shark Bite. They wanted to share the experiences spinning the music they love with people around the world that are willing to tune in and enjoy a night of good music no matter where you reside, what langauge you speak, or any other superficial barriers that typically get in the way of connecting with others.

The original Party Shark concept had its ups and downs, and now we then formalize the event and provided a live broadcast and podcast every 1st and 3rd Sunday around 9p MST via Ustream which as of November 2012, will be going through some small changes.

artistIQ has been invited to co-host the set with DBO, and help this adventure grow. Shark Bite is still always part of the crew and you will see special guest appearances by him every now and then... he's a busy man now with his success with live performances and production.

This is about music! A universal language that everyone can enjoy and we want you to.

We have a couple "resident" Party Shark DJ's:



DBO has been in the scene for years, if he isn't spinning music, then he's listening to it. He has a wide collection of tunes which has proved to be a big asset to his extensive knowledge of the art. He grew up with roots in Denver originally, and in Nebraska as a husker-music lovin' rebel, and has shared his presence up in the NW in Bellingham, WA, and now resides back home in the mile-high city of Denver.

He services the community as well, with nights at Denver's Blake Street Vault and co-host Robusto Room's Sub Urban nights with DJ Mada and many popular special guests. You'll catch him performing at a variety of events around Denver such as Art Gallery Openings, Snowboard & Skateboard related events, and anything else that just rolls with DBO.

He has also paid his dues in the hip hop scene by DJ'ing for local Denver group S.T.O.I.C. He ain't afraid to shred the slopes or get on the mic and throw down some rhymes too.

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artistIQ throws down on the decks and brings forth a variety of experience and skills. He has been a producer, MC, and a DJ with local Denver hip hop crew Kollage (featuring: Noetic & Material) along with solo work.

He thrives on good artistic music and really favors underground hip hop that features clever rhmyes, head shakin' beats and creative turn tablism. Although having a general love for great music and a musical background with guitar, he also enjoys several other genres other than hip hop, including punk, rock and jazz, which he incorporates in both his music production and mixing.

If you don't catch him on the decks, then you can be sure he is on the mic, producing, strumming the six string, designing graphics or software, painting, skating or snowboarding or practicing martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai).

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